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Oj Ubava by Vrelo from album Preko Reke

San me mori by Vrelo from upcoming 2nd album

Morava by Vrelo from upcoming 2nd album


Povenulo Sve by Vrelo from upcoming 2nd album



Brown Cow Records is home of Vrelo, a World Music and internationaly performing band, playing ethnic music from Serbia and other Slav countries.

Vrelo's 1st album was unlike anything on the World Music scene. Inspired by ancient Slav music with most songs coming from their native Serbia and a couple of Russian songs. Techno tribal beats can be equaly uplifting and disturbing just as voices of 6 ladies can rip one's soul apart or seduce you with a warm melodies.

1st album was released by PGP and is also available to download from CD Baby or iTunes.

Second album is expected to be non conformist and brutal in it's choice of songs and style but equally seductive. With it Vrelo has come of age and you can expect great things.

Here at Brown Cow Records we like the material that will be included on the 2nd album and we hope to upload it for digital download some time in the summer of 2014 followed by release of CD.

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